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The finest frozen fish and seafood delivered to your home. Try premium red shrimp, salmon or mackerel milt. If you want to buy frozen fish or seafood online, you have come to the right place. Whether you are an individual or a business, we will send you the very best of the sea wherever you may choose.


Types of frozen produce

In our online store you will find different types of frozen fish and seafood: premium red shrimp, salmon and mackerel milt. This is the ideal way to keep the produce in perfect condition and with all its flavour, all the way to the table. We do so by working with the leading transport companies, which ensure that our produce is kept throughout transportation at the same temperature below zero as on our premises.

Frozen fish and seafood for the hospitality trade

A supply of frozen fish and seafood is a great solution for hospitality businesses. High-quality produce perfectly preserved to be defrosted before cooking, so as to maintain all its nutritional properties and flavour.

Frozen fish and seafood delivered to your home: for businesses and individuals

Our job is to deliver the finest frozen fish and seafood to your door. Enjoy them at home by making a purchase at our online store, at our three bricks-and-mortar shops in Cartagena, or at most major supermarkets. And if you have a business, we also make sure you can offer the very best frozen fish and seafood at your establishment.


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