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Discover a selection of canned produce from the leading Spanish brands. First-rate gourmet produce allowing you to enjoy the very best fish and seafood in a can. Whether you are buying as an individual or for a business, we send you the sea’s finest wherever you may wish.


The finest canned and preserved goods on offer

The days when canned food was for lazy cooks are a thing of the past, having now instead become an excellent way to eat fish with all its nutrients kept completely intact, year after year. If you want to buy canned produce online, you will find the finest fish from all over Spain and from the leading brands, right here.

Types of canned fish

Canning certain types of produce offers great reliability and convenience. To preserve the food, once it has been placed in the can and hermetically sealed, it is sterilised at very high temperatures (between 100° and 150°). Depending on the product, this is typically done by covering it in vegetable or olive oil or brine. Following this process the food will remain unchanged for a considerable time and can be eaten years later.

Gourmet canned fish

We deal with the most refined brands from around the country to offer you the very best gourmet canned produce. All of them are brands that deliver outstanding tradition and quality. Our range includes sardines, razor clams, anchovies, variegated scallops, octopus, mussels and even caviar. A wide range of exquisite ingredients, ready to open up and eat.

Canned fish delivered to your home: for businesses and individuals

Our job is to deliver the finest canned produce your door. You can make your purchase at our online store, in our three bricks-and-mortar shops in Cartagena, or at most major supermarkets. And if you have a business, we help you offer our canned goods at your establishment.


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