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Leadership and experience since 1966

We began as a small family firm over 50 years ago, selling traditionally salted fish. Today we produce slightly more than 250,000 kg of salt fish every year which we sell across Spain and export to a dozen countries. Our produce is featured at the restaurants of Spain’s leading chefs and we continuously innovate to create new products.

Our success still lies in traditional methods and our company’s family dedication with a close eye on innovation at all times.







Hueva de maruca Ricardo Fuentes Salazones


Quality is one of our fundamental cornerstones. Which is why we only work with high quality ingredients and with controlled temperature and humidity throughout all our processes so as to avoid contamination and the spread of microorganisms. Meanwhile, our ingredients always follow a one-way flow, with no returns or crossovers which could affect the end product.

Proceso tradicional para elaborar los salazones


We were Spain’s first fish salters and have been hard at work since 1966 delivering the very finest produce, drawing on our experience and love of tradition. We are also members of ANFABASA (the Spanish National Association of Cod and Salt Fish Producers), with whom we work to protect this centuries-old tradition against any commercial malpractice.

Elaboración artesanal de los salazones


We know that committing ourselves to delivering a good product and service is the best way of ensuring that our customers will continue to trust in us. And so we adapt to changing consumer preferences, creating new ranges and formats in accordance with their needs.

Innovación para elaborar los mejores salazones


Innovation is hard-wired into us. We are the only company in the sector with our own laboratory, where our biologists analyse every product batch to guarantee its quality. We were also the first company in the sector to introduce the Skin Darfresh packaging format for the retail channel to better preserve our products.

Elaboración artesanal de los salazones


We are the only Spanish salt fish company with our own waste water treatment plant as a sign of our environmental commitment. Our industrial waste water is fed through a specific purification system, separating water with organic content and water containing salt, in order to treat them properly and so comply with European environmental demands.

Cortando mojama de primera, especialidad de Ricardo Fuentes Salazones


Our history is a story of enterprise and love for the sea. Ricardo Fuentes began selling salt fish in 1966 with a focus on quality produce, fine ingredients and a traditional approach. Three generations later, our company is now the leader of the salt fish sector in Spain, opening up international markets and innovating so as to continue delivering quality salt fish as well as new products, created through the same traditional approach dating back over 50 years.

Ricardo Fuentes Group


Our fish salting plant is located in the town of La Palma, (Cartagena). 5,800 m2 of premises with the capacity to produce 1,500 tonnes of fish per year, with the most innovative cutting, salting, drying and smoking techniques.

Instalaciones de Ricardo Fuentes Salazones en Cartagena (Murcia)
Bandejas de mojama de primera de Ricardo Fuentes Salazones
Salazones tradicionales en Ricardo Fuentes Salazones


You can find our produce in our online store, at our bricks-and-mortar shops in Murcia, Huelva and Cadiz, and in most major supermarkets.

Avenida Tomás Ferro

Avenida Tomás Ferro nº 23, Polígono Industrial La Palma, 30593 La Palma, Cartagena.

Carretera La Palma

Carretera La Palma, Cartagena km. 7, 30593 La Palma, Cartagena.

Gastro Tienda Calle Canales

Calle Canales, 15 , 30201 Cartagena – Murcia.


Muelle Pesquero, 11006 Cádiz


Avda. Norte 10-12 21002 Huelva


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