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Salt Fish

Salting fish is an art that we have been perfecting since 1966. Using the finest ingredients and following traditional methods is the secret to creating the very best salted fish. Whether you are buying as an individual or for a business, we send you the sea’s finest wherever you may wish.

Salt Fish

Types of salt fish

We specialise in producing different types of salt fish, using the very finest ingredients. Choose from mullet, ling and tuna roe, dried tuna mojama, and other salted produce, including bonito, mackerel and cod. As well as retail or gift combinations and packs.

The biggest sellers

Our most popular salted products are mullet and ling roe, dried tuna mojama, and salted bonito. All of them delicious delicacies that you are sure to love.

How is salt fish made?

We salt our fish the traditional way, using artisanal processes which recreate natural conditions. We work with fish which is frozen on the high seas at between -25° and -18°. When it is ready to be filleted, it is defrosted in a special cold store at a controlled temperature and humidity. Once defrosted, the fish is cleaned, gutted and filleted. After spending a few hours in a salt bath, it is then rinsed in fresh water and taken to the drying chambers, where it will remain for as long as needed, depending on the type of fish and its size. Our master salters check the texture of each piece one by one, to ascertain when they are in peak condition. Lastly, our salt fish is then sliced up and packaged for sale.

Your salt fish at home: For businesses and individuals

Our job is to deliver the finest salt fish to your door. Enjoy them at home by making a purchase at our online store, at our three bricks-and-mortar shops in Cartagena, or at most major supermarkets. And if you have a business, we also give you the chance to serve the very best salt fish at your establishment.


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