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Known as the ham of the sea. With its dark colour and intense flavour, cured tuna mojama is one of our star products.


Cured tuna mojama

Cured tuna mojama is one of the most highly prized forms of salt fish. It is made by pressing the tuna flesh in a salt-curing process which dates back to the Roman era, as this was the best way to preserve the fish. The region of Murcia has a long-standing tradition in the process, as it has always had access to the required ingredients: first-class fish and salt from the Mediterranean.

At Salazones Ricardo Fuentes we produce our mojama from tuna weighing around 70 kg on average. After the ronqueo (as the process of slicing up the whole tuna is known in Spanish), we cut out the four loins. Each of them gives us three pieces: the extra quality mojama (the highest category, closest to the backbone and with the most flavour), first-class mojama, and tuna loin. You can tell the extra quality mojama by its concentric marbling.

The most highly prized fish to make mojama are bluefin tuna caught in a traditional pound net and yellowfin tuna.

Our painstaking, artisanal production method always uses the very finest ingredients to create this truly delicious cured fish.


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