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We smoke our fish with care, employing traditional techniques. Using the very best ingredients and smoke from natural wood to give that unique flavour and texture. Whether you are buying as an individual or for a business, we send you the sea’s finest wherever you may wish.


What does the smoking involved?

The smoking method involves applying a source of smoke to the fish by burning wood with a low level of resin. The process provides an intense and highly agreeable flavour, blending the subtle nuances of the wood with the inherent taste of the finest fish. The time spent exposed to the smoke dictates the flavour of each cut.

The process is based on the same principle as salting: to drive out the moisture from the food and so preserve it, while lending it a highly distinctive taste. There are those who claim that the method was discovered by chance when hanging food above the hearth used for cooking. At Ricardo Fuentes Salazones we have perfected the technique to create truly irresistible smoked produce.

Suitable fish for smoking

The fish that proves most delicious after being smoked include salmon, tuna, cod, swordfish and marlin. You will find all of them on our website.

Smoked produce delivered to your home: for businesses and individuals

We are always hard at work to deliver the very best smoked produce to your door. You can make your purchase at our online store, in our three bricks-and-mortar shops in Cartagena, or at most major supermarkets. And if you have a business, we give you the chance to offer the very finest smoked produce at your establishment.


The guarantee of a delicious dish lies in using first-rate ingredients. We suggest a number of recipes using smoked fish that you will find irresistible.


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