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Bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna is a gourmet’s delight. One of the most highly prized fishes for its flavour, its great culinary value, and its nutritional properties. A versatile product and star of the most refined gastronomic circles which you can now enjoy at home. Whether you buy from us as an individual or a business, we can send you this outstanding product wherever you choose.

Bluefin tuna

Cuts of bluefin tuna

With an intense flavour and smooth texture, bluefin tuna proves universally popular. Various formats are available on our website: Loin, belly, back cheek, noten, cheek and chop.

Bluefin tuna loin is one of the cuts that offers some of the most varied culinary options. From Japanese raw variants, such as sushi, sashimi, nigiri and tartar, to fusions with cuisines from all round the world, tuna loin can be served in a thousand and one different ways.

Bluefin tuna belly is the lowest part of the fish’s loin, also known as ijada or toro (“superior succulence” in Japanese). This cut contains more fat, which combined with its intense flavour and gelatinous texture, makes it a refined and delicate morsel, highly prized in gastronomy, offering a host of possibilities, whether raw or cooked at low temperature, in traditional stews or simply grilled.

The back cheek is found that the end of the tuna belly, where the fin begins. It is one of the cuts that traditionally was discarded when butchering the tuna, but which the world of haute cuisine has now put on a pedestal, thanks to its highly flavoursome and succulent meat. Perfect baked, grilled or fried.

Bluefin tuna noten is the Japanese term for the cut from the back of the head, with a similar percentage of unsaturated fat to the belly. Ideal for casseroles, ceviche and grilling. An intense flavour and meaty and gelatinous texture when slow-cooked.

The cheek is the inner part of the face, and just beneath the fish’s eyes. It stands out for its distinctive flavour and texture, and is very much sought after by those looking for new culinary experiences. It has a highly gelatinous consistency and is normally grilled, although it is also the perfect ingredient for tuna casseroles lending its unmistakable character.

The chop is part belly and part loin, combining both in one single cut.

Bluefin tuna home delivery: for businesses and individuals

Our job is to deliver the finest bluefin tuna to your door. Enjoy it at home by making a purchase at our online store, at our three bricks-and-mortar shops in Cartagena, or at most major supermarkets. And if you have a business, we also make sure that you can serve the very best bluefin tuna at your establishment.

Bluefin tuna recipes

Bluefin tuna is particularly flavoursome and versatile, and so can be used in a host of recipes. Our website features such irresistible dishes as tuna tataki with mango and edamame, tuna nigiri, and tuna purses with spicy mayonnaise. Get ready to enjoy!


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