Bluefin Tuna Back Cheek Deep-frozen -60° C

36,00 Unit

36 € / KG



Increasingly used in haute cuisine, the back cheek is no longer considered an “off-cut” used up by the fishermen themselves, but is instead an essential ingredient in the creations of the most innovative chefs. This cut is located between the head and belly, with fatty flesh offering an intense flavour and succulent texture. Known as the “rib-eye of the sea”, it is perfect for barbecuing, but can also be grilled or stewed.

The bluefin tuna, or Thunnus thynnus, is the most highly prized species of tuna, thanks to its outstanding culinary value and nutritional properties. This great versatility has made bluefin tuna one of the stars of haute cuisine over recent years, which you can now enjoy at home.

Format: 1 kg approximately, cut into blocks of approximately 300-350 g.

Thawing and storage tips:

Place in cold water with the plastic on for 15 minutes.

Take out of the water and remove the plastic.

Wrap in absorbent paper (kitchen towel) and wrap in cling film. Store in the fridge.

Once defrosted, use the same day to retain all its properties.

Must be kept refrigerated at between 0° and 4° C.


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