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Roe is the mass of eggs of fish and other sea creatures. At Salazones Ricardo Fuentes we have specialised in mullet, ling and tuna roe since 1966. We prepare them in the traditional manner, sourcing them from the very best fish and going through the whole salting and drying process, recreating natural conditions.


Mullet, ling and tuna roe

Our website features delicious mullet roe, ling roe, tuna roe and smoked cod roe.

Mullet roe stands out for its refined but intense flavour. It is one of our most popular products. A natural source of omega-3, protein, vitamins A and B, phosphorus and selenium.

Ling roe has a strong flavour, and a light and meaty texture. It is not particularly salty, because of the characteristics of the skin which prevent too much from entering during the salting process. A natural source of vitamins A, B3, B5, B9, B12, C and D.

Yellowfin tuna roe is an outstanding delicacy, an essential feature of Mediterranean hors d’oeuvres, with an intense flavour and particularly appealing texture.

Smoked cod roe has a soft texture and pinkish colour. This is a novel and versatile product. A real taste of the sea, with a surprisingly mild flavour.

Salted roe is perfect to serve together with tomato, fried almonds or pickles. It can also be used in recipes, or powdered as a sprinkled dressing or as part of the cooking process. This latter option is also featured on our website: powdered tuna, mullet or ling roe.

Our outstanding location gives us access to freshly caught ingredients of the finest quality and sea salt in abundance. Our roe salting techniques date back to the Phoenician and Roman times, as they were responsible for discovering this treat for the tastebuds. At Salazones Ricardo Fuentes we continue to offer and revive these delicious morsels, with techniques tailored to the modern era.


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